Saturday, August 16, 2008

suit yourself.

"Overwear, underwear, any time, anywhere... Dress has always been my strongest suit" -- From the musical Aida
When Al and I first started discussing wedding apparel, Al made it quite clear that he wanted to wear "a nice suit" and not a tuxedo. A few months back, when we first met with our photographer, she said that recently she's been seeing a lot of grooms opt for suits, particularly for summer weddings. So, considering our wedding is on a summer afternoon, and Alphonse and I are not really the super formal type anyways, we're on the hunt for a nice summer suit. Below are photos (courtesy of style me pretty) of a few recent summer weddings that Al and I both like.

For more info on this first wedding, click here or here. I like this wedding because their colors are the same as ours (yellow and blue!) and they do a nice job of bringing everything together:

and for more info on this second wedding, click here or here. I love this wedding because it has a lot of great details and the bride's dress is so pretty!

Enjoy! We'll keep you posted as we figure out more details (style, color, etc.) about what my lovely future hubby will be wearing. Also, we're in the process of registering, so stay tuned for that info :) .

"The LORD God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him'" -- Genesis 2:18


andrea said...

yea thats a good idea. the suit is reallly nice. however i am forcing ejim to wear a full blown tux, maybe he will even have to have a tail!

Katrina said...

haha. you are hilarious ms. andrea. i am being a very good bride and giving al a lot of say, although he might tell you otherwise :P